🧭 Overview

📈 Metrics

See the performance of your broadcasts and drill down on your interaction metrics! Our Broadcast Center allows you to see the basic status and performance of each broadcast.

Stats tracked: 

  • Sent: A count of the number of emails sent. 
  • Opened: The percentage of recipients who opened your email.
  • Clicked: The percentage of the recipients who clicked a link in your email.
  • Error: A count of the individual emails that had problems. You can click through to the list view to see the individual errors. 
  • Unsubscribed: The percentage of recipients who clicked the unsubscribed link and unsubscribed from your emails

🔬 Status

Broadcasts are organized by their status into different tabs on the dashboard. 

You can also use the "Search Box" in the upper right side of the page. This will filter the results for the currently selected tab. You can search by broadcast name, status, and type (sms/email). 

Status Types

  • Draft Broadcasts: These can be found under the "Drafts" tab on the main screen. When you abandon a broadcast, a draft is automatically created to preserve your work. You can continue editing or delete a draft by clicking on the vertical ellipses (three dots) and selecting "Edit" or "Delete."
  • Scheduled Broadcasts: These are messages scheduled to be sent at a future date. You can update a scheduled broadcast by going to the "Scheduled" tab clicking the vertical ellipses (three dots) and selecting "Edit" or "Delete." 
  • Sending Broadcasts: These are in the "Sent" tab and are broadcasts that are currently being sent by the system. When an email is actively being sent it will show you the number of emails sent and the percentage of the total. 
  • Sent Broadcast: These are also under the "Sent" tab and are broadcasts that have already been sent. Once sent you will see the metrics for that broadcast.
  • Errors: If there are any errors with your broadcast you will see that from the "Errors" tab. These are broadcasts that had an issue and we were unable to send any of the messages. 

📝 Things To Note

  • You can edit a scheduled email after scheduling by clicking on the menu button for a scheduled broadcast and selecting "Edit." However, to ensure that the email doesn't go out while editing, we unschedule the email. You will need to go through the send process again. If a scheduled communication has already initiated, you will not be able to make changes. So, if scheduled for 9:00 am and you log in at 9:01 am, you will not be able to make changes that will be reflected in that communication.
  • The status does not currently auto-update. A page refresh is required to see progress. 
  • Email and SMS have different data, so they report different stats. We currently do not have a way to track opens or clicks in SMS broadcasts. 

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