A great way to capture leads on your website is by asking them to exchange their contact information for your pricing information. Many UpLaunch gyms are using this strategy to capture 5-50 leads per month! Watch the video to learn the workflow, then read the content below on how to build it using Journeys.

How to Create the Journey

  1. Create an Appointment type for your pricing journey. Turn off the self-scheduling option. 

  2. Create a Journey called Website Pricing Information. 

  3. Create a Pricing Thank You Page on your website (see example here). Drop that link in the redirect option on step 2 of the Pricing Journey.

  4. Click on the Website Pricing Information Journey actions button and select Customize Campaigns. Edit the email and SMS on the first step of your active lead campaign.  The email should address their request for pricing.  See below for templates on the SMS and email customization

  5. On your website, create a new page specifically for pricing and make sure it shows up in your navigation.  You will plug in the pricing journey embed code on this page. (see example here)

That's it! Once the lead submits their info, the pricing email will be sent to their inbox.  It is now up to you to turn that lead into a member!


You will want to copy and paste this into the email/SMS that fires on the first step of the active lead campaign in your pricing journey.

SMS Template

{{ contact.first_name }}, I got your request for pricing, the email is on its way.  I'm curious, are you wanting to build muscle, lose weight, or maybe both?

Note: Always end with a question to engage them to respond

Email Template

Hey {{ contact.first_name }},

{{ staff.full_name }} here from  {{ account.name }}!

Thanks for checking out our membership options. Our rates are below. Weekly and biweekly options also available.

You can also do the price per class instead of weekly or biweekly.

 Price Includes:

  • Benefit 1

  • Benefit 2

  • Benefit 3

The best shape you've ever been in, the coolest, fittest, and most supportive community you've ever been a part of, expert coaches, programming, nutrition advice, the most fun you've ever had working out, and the greatest version of yourself!

Next Steps:

Try us out! Schedule a free class or just reply to this email and let us know you're interested. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

In the meantime, as a show of our appreciation for you, grab our Free 14-Day Get Lean Meal Plan! It's a PDF that you can download with a bunch of great recipes!

In Health,

 {{ staff.full_name }}

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