Create a new zap in Zapier (premium account needed)

  1.  Make sure you have turned on your Zapier integration within UpLaunch.  If you need help doing that, check out this article.

  2. On the first step of your zap, search for web hook.

  3. The trigger event for the webhook will be "catch a hook".

  4. A new webhook has now been created.  Grab the code provided and open up your ZenPlanner Account.

  5. In ZenPlanner, scroll down to the bottom of the navigation until you see Webhook.  Plug in your new code where it says People and hit enter.

  6. Head back to Zapier and hit continue (some fields will be left blank.)

  7. Choose the test and review option.  If nothing populates, create a new lead in ZP and try again.

  8. Once the sample info is created, go to the next step to add UpLaunch.

  9. Search for UpLaunch in the "Choose App and Event" field.

  10. In the "Choose Action" field, pick "Create a contact"

  11. Click on your UpLaunch account in the "UpLaunch Account" dropdown

  12. Go through and fill in the necessary fields which are first name, last name, phone number, journey, campaign, responsible staff member.

  13. Test and continue

  14. Turn on your Zap!

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