Have you Created a Drop-in Campaign with automation yet?

We don't get a ton of drop-ins every month but right now we are getting a bunch because of the holidays.

So we created a Drop in Campaign that is super basic.

  1. Step 1 of active campaign we adjusted the auto text and email to fit the Conversation. 

EMAIL- We added a button on our first email that links our waiver. Asked a few questions and told them cost.
TEXT. Hello, thanks to reaching out, what day you coming in?
STAFF SMS- We set our GM as the staff for the campaign and she will deal with all the text.

We turned the rest of the action items in step one off and turned the rest of the steps in Active lead off.

We allowed them to go directly into inactive lead.

**Added Bonus- Create a schedule in your Drop in journey and allow them to self schedule their first class.

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