A Drop-in journey is a great way to seamlessly qualify, schedule, and charge drop-ins.

  1. Account settings > client journeys > create a new journey

  2. Adjust Step 1 of active lead campaign text and email to fit the conversation.

    • EMAIL - Add a button on your first email that links the gym's waiver. Ask a few qualifying questions. Add a button to purchase the drop-in pass.

    • TEXT - Hello, thanks to reaching out, what day you coming in?

Consider adding the following customizations to Step 1 of Active Lead.

Turn off the rest of the Active Lead campaign steps. At the end of Active Lead campaign the contact will automatically flow into Inactive Lead campaign, so make sure to turn off Inactive Lead campaign as well.

**Added Bonus- Create a schedule in your Drop-in journey and allow them to self schedule their first class.

PushPress Users

If you use our PushPress Integration, please make sure your drop-in membership does not move contacts to the member category. If your drop-in membership categorizes contacts as members, they will be moved into New Client campaign once they purchase their drop-in.

Zen Planner Users

If you use our Zen Planner Integration, please make sure the drop-in membership is set as a trial membership so that contacts do not move to the New Client campaign.

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