🧭 Overview

Once you have chosen a template, you can build an audience in many different ways to ensure you get your message to the right person!

Step 1: Select your starting audience 

  1. Everyone:  Will send to all subscribed contacts in your account.

  2. Lifecycle: Groups your contacts by four lifecycle stages -- Leads, Clients, Former Clients, None. 

  3. Group: If you have created any Custom or Smart Groups you will be able to single or multi-select them here. 

  4. Manual: Allows you to select contacts individually or by file.

Step 2 (optional): Further filter your audience

Filters allow you to narrow down your audience based on several important pieces of data. All filter options are additive. This means if you choose more than one option they will both be included in the search results.

📝 Things to Note

  • Custom groups can be created in account settings or through the broadcast center using a CSV file.

  • If you have narrowed your audience to a specific "Lifecycle Stage" you will only see the campaigns that are relevant to that stage

  • "Assigned Staff Member" allows you to send the broadcast to contacts that are assigned to one or more staff members (i.e., send to people who are assigned to Jim or Jane). We currently do not allow for negative filtering. For example, you cannot say send to everyone not assigned to Jim or Jane.

  • Broadcast emails are always sent from the person who is logged in and sending the email.

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