How long will the sync process take?

There are five steps to the Sync Wizard. Depending on how much information you need to review on each step, it could take up to 30 minutes to complete. We recommend tidying up your Zen Planner contact list before beginning to save you time during the sync process.

At the end of the Sync Wizard, you will be asked to review and sync. After pressing “Sync my contacts!” your contacts will begin to sync up between UpLaunch and Zen Planner. Depending on the number of contacts you are syncing, it could be a bit. For accounts syncing less than 8,000 contacts, it should take less than 15 minutes to finalize your sync. If you have greater than 8,000 contacts syncing, allow up to 30 minutes for the process to complete itself. This process will run in the background, so you do not have to stay on the integration’s page for it to successfully complete. You will know when a contact is synced because a red ZP icon will appear next to their name.

Should I enable the integration in Zen Planner or UpLaunch first?

First, navigate to the external services section in the setup area of your Zen Planner account. From here, find and enable the UpLaunch integration. You will receive a key to paste into UpLaunch.

Where do I find my Integrations Key?

Your Integrations Key is found in your Zen Planner account under External Services in your setup area. Your key will never change and is unique to your Zen Planner studio.

What do you mean by “default Prospect Program”?

In Zen Planner, a contact needs to be assigned a program of interest to be labeled as a prospect. When we asked you to select a “default Prospect Program” we are asking you to select one of your gym’s program as the default program of interest so we can create new prospects for you in Zen Planner.

Should my metrics be 1:1?

It is very unlikely your metrics are ever exactly 1:1. Because you will have duplicate emails in Zen Planner and potentially more leads in UpLaunch, your numbers may always be slightly off.

Additionally, as a gym that offers youth classes, you don't want children showing up in your UpLaunch account. This can cause confusion for parents especially since most of the time the child contact has the parent's email address associated with it. We prevent children under the age of 13 from being created as contacts in UpLaunch.

My metrics say I did not “connected or add” some contacts. What does this mean?

When you selected “do not connect” during the sync, you opted out of syncing those contacts. This number represents how many Zen Planner contacts you didn’t connect or add to UpLaunch.

Why aren’t all my Zen Planner contacts showing up in the Sync Wizard?

UpLaunch will retrieve any contacts from Zen Planner who has a status of prospect, member, or alumni. It is possible that some of your contacts in Zen Planner are marked with a status of “none.”

How do I know if an UpLaunch contact is synced?

Synced contacts display a red Zen Planner icon next to their name.

What if I want to disable the sync on a specific contact?

To disable all synced contacts, you can disable the integration. If you need to disable a specific contact, you will need to contact customer support for assistance.

How do I sync new contacts?

Once you’ve completed the Sync Wizard, new contacts in Zen Planner will automatically be created and sync in UpLaunch. New leads in UpLaunch will automatically be created and synced as prospects in Zen Planner.

If I receive a new lead in UpLaunch, will a new contact be created in Zen Planner?

Yes. When you enable the integration in UpLaunch, you will select your default program of interest in Zen Planner for your new prospects. This allows UpLaunch to create new prospects for you in Zen Planner as new leads are created in your UpLaunch account.

How long before a lead received by UpLaunch is created in Zen Planner?

You should see your lead created as a prospect in Zen Planner almost immediately following their UpLaunch creation.

What happens if I create a new contact in Zen Planner after completing the Sync Wizard?

That contact will also be created in UpLaunch. Their lifecycle will depend on their status in Zen Planner. Your contact will be put in the appropriate campaign of your default Journey for their life cycle. Once a contact is created and put in a campaign, that campaign begins immediately.

What happens if I update a contact in Zen Planner after completing the Sync Wizard?

If your Zen Planner contact is connected and synced, then any updates to your contact’s information (email, name, dob, or gender) or membership (drop or add) will also be reflected in UpLaunch.

Which Journey in UpLaunch will my new contacts be added into?

Your contacts will be put into your account’s default Journey.

If I correct a campaign on Step 3, does it change that contact’s Journey too?

No. Your contact will remain in their current Journey. However, if you are adding any contacts in Step 4 to UpLaunch in Step 4, those contacts will be added to the default Journey by default.

Why are my New Clients being suggested the Established Client campaign on Step 3 or 4?

In our current version of the integration, we are not able to suggest a client campaign based upon how long a contact has been with you or the length of their membership. For this reason, we thought it was safest to assume the Established Client campaign would be the best fit for most of your members. However, you can select the New Client campaign from the drop-down as needed.

When do campaigns run?

Your contact’s campaign will begin immediately if it was updated or added during the Sync Wizard. A new contact’s campaign will also begin immediately. Refer to your account’s customized campaign settings to review the cadence of each campaign’s framework.

I’m adding contacts to the New/Active Lead campaign. I have an SMS that sends immediately on Step 1 of this campaign. Can I still expect it to send immediately?

Yes. Just like when you receive a new lead in UpLaunch, any new contacts added on Step 4 with the New/Active Lead campaign selected will have their automations triggered immediately (or according to your customized framework for that campaign). As usual, SMS messages will only be delivered between the hours of 9am and 9pm.

What happens if I delete a contact in Zen Planner or UpLaunch?

If you delete a contact in Zen Planner, it will not delete that contact in UpLaunch. You will need to manually delete your contact in both platforms. If you delete a synced contact in UpLaunch, their sync will be disabled, and their email will be permanently blacklisted from syncing again. This means even if you decide to leave them in Zen Planner, they won’t show back up in UpLaunch.

I created a new contact in Zen Planner who has the same email as a previously deleted contact in UpLaunch. Will this contact reappear in UpLaunch?

No. If you have previously deleted a contact, they will remain deleted in UpLaunch even if you add them back in Zen Planner. You will need to use a new email for your deleted contact or reach out to customer support for assistance.

What happens if I “do not connect” during the Sync Wizard?

If you select “do not connect” for a contact, that contact will be blacklisted from syncing later.

Can you give me a quick overview of the steps in the Sync Wizard?

UpLaunch retrieves your contacts from Zen Planner and surfaces them in steps:

Step 1 by one email and lifecycle match to a contact in UpLaunch.

Step 2a by multiple email matches to one email in UpLaunch.

Step 2b by name and lifecycle match to a contact in UpLaunch.

UpLaunch also corrects or adds campaigns in these steps:

Step 3 by correcting contacts who have mismatched lifecycles.

Step 4 by adding new contacts from Zen Planner who are not found in UpLaunch.

I noticed Step 2 has two pages. What is the difference between 2a and 2b?

Step 2a finds multiple email matches to one email in UpLaunch. Step 2b finds contacts who do not match by email but could be a possible match based on their name and lifecycle match.

Step 3 has found contact’s with mismatched emails. I want to connect them. Which email will be updated?

Zen Planner is the source of truth for contact changes and updates. If you connect a contact with mismatched emails, their email in UpLaunch will be updated to match Zen Planner immediately following the Sync Wizard.

I changed an email in UpLaunch. Will it update that email for that synced contact in Zen Planner too?

No. The only changes made in Zen Planner from UpLaunch are for creating new Prospects. Because Zen Planner has a member’s app that uses a contact’s email address as their log-in, we do not want to interfere with a contact’s log-in credentials.

What if I encounter an error in a Contact's Zen Planner information during the Sync Wizard? Can I stop what I'm doing and go correct it in Zen Planner before finishing?

We recommend you double-check for errors in your Zen Planner database before running the Sync Wizard. After the Sync Wizard starts, it will not update any information you correct during the sync process. If you find an error, you should fix it after the sync is completed. Even if you catch something such as a typo in an email address, if you correct it after the sync in Zen Planner, it will automatically update in UpLaunch since that Contact is now synced.

What if I connect a contact who is unsubscribed in UpLaunch?

Regardless if you update their email address or not, the contact will remain unsubscribed unless you manually resubscribe them.

What if I connect a contact who is paused in UpLaunch?

A contact campaign will remain paused unless you change their campaign on Step 3.

What will happen to my Contacts who have paused Campaigns in UpLaunch?

A Contacts Campaign will remain paused unless you are changing their campaign.

What information is sent from ZP to UL?

What information is sent from UL to ZP?

Why don’t you import ZP contact with the status of None?

Why do they have a status of None?

Why do I have exact matches on Step 2?

Why does it say FitPro or Box Builder in the Campaign dropdown selection?

There are two versions of the UpLaunch platform. The one your account is on is what these reference.

How long should it take for UpLaunch to update after a change is made to a Contact in Zen Planner?

It could take up to 5 minutes before your Contact is updated in UpLaunch.

I've run the Sync Wizard. What happens if I create a new Contact in Zen Planner now?

After you've completed a full sync, any new Contacts you create in Zen Planner will also be created, added to the appropriate lifecycle Campaign, and automatically synced in UpLaunch.

What if I create a new Contact in UpLaunch?

Any new Leads created in UpLaunch will also be created as Prospects in Zen Planner.

What if I change a Contact to a Client in UpLaunch? What happens in Zen Planner?

Nothing. You should use Zen Planner to add a membership and let the sync process change their lifecycle automatically for you. If you change a lifecycle manually for a synced Contact, their lifecycles may become mismatched. If that Contact has a different status in Zen Planner than lifecycle in UpLaunch, the sync will update that Contact in UpLaunch to match the status of Zen Planner the next time any update occurs on that Contact in Zen Planner.

What if I connect a Contact that has unsubscribed?

The sync process will not resubscribe any unsubscribed Contacts (even if you update their email address).

Why does it say “no action required” on some of my steps in the Sync Wizard?

This means we returned no results based on the search criteria for that step.

What is test mode?

Test mode is set to the default status of the Sync Wizard. The first time you run through the Sync Wizard, you will be in test mode. Test mode is for reviewing your data BEFORE syncing. It simply allows you a free pass to get the hang of things before you commit to any data changes. For example, during your first time through the Sync Wizard you may encounter errors in your contact’s information. You can go update those profiles in Zen Planner before running through the Sync Wizard for real. This allows you to bring over the most accurate information into UpLaunch before syncing. If at any time during the Wizard you want to turn test mode off, you should see a button to do so in the upper right as “turn off test mode.” Once test mode is off, you can make the integration live in your account by clicking “Sync my contacts!” on Step 5. Test mode MUST be turned off for contacts to actually sync and for the Zen Planner icon to appear next to their name.

What can I expect now that I’ve completed a full sync?

Once you’ve run through the Sync Wizard fully, your contacts will be synced until you disable the integration. This means any updates you make in Zen Planner will happen automatically in UpLaunch. Updates to memberships (add or drop) and contact information (email, name, dob, and gender) in Zen Planner will be updated automatically in UpLaunch. If you create a new contact in Zen Planner, that contact will automatically be created and synced up in UpLaunch. If you create a new lead in UpLaunch, that lead will automatically be created and synced up as a prospect in Zen Planner.

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