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Setup Policies & Guest Waivers

Account Settings Update

A new update has been made to the account settings area that allows the option to set your gym’s default hold and cancellation policies. These policies can be used when creating custom forms.

If you are a gym that offers multiple programs, there is also a way to enter the programs you offer and allow your members to select which of their client programs they are placing on hold or cancelling. Your client can select one or multiple.

This is particular helpful when you have a member who is enrolled in multiple programs (i.e. CrossFit, Barbell Club, Nutrition) and you are unsure which membership type they are wanting to apply the hold or cancel to. While this may be incredibly useful in several use cases, it is not required and an optional add-on to your policies.

On top of having the ability to create default policies, we have also added an area to input your guest waiver. This waiver area is intended for guest who visit your gym. It may be valuable to you when you are collecting leads for a free trial offer or those that are dropping in.

While this waiver isn’t meant to replace any other waivers that you may already have in place for your members, it will help streamline the process of gathering leads by guaranteeing you have a guest waiver associated with any guest that is opting in for a trial or drop-in.

Our policies and guest waiver area allows you to:

  • Input your default hold policy with a custom agreement associated to its checkbox.

  • Input your default cancellation policy with a custom agreement associated to its checkbox.

  • Set-up a guest waiver with a custom agreement associated to its checkbox.

  • Once these are set-up, you can then use them when building custom forms.

Policies & Guest Waiver Overview (found in Account Settings)

  • Input your member hold and cancellation policies.

  • Add any or all program you offer to allow for additional clarity in which membership your client is holding or cancelling.

  • Input your guest waiver intended for use for trials or drop-in situations.

Form Builder Overview (found in Account Settings)

  • Scroll to custom forms area and select “create new custom form.”

  • Enter a name for your new custom form.

  • Automatic fields (name, email, and phone) appear at the top of a form if contact is unknown.

  • Select “Add New Form Field”

  • Complete the “Question to Ask” which should be related to the checkbox under your policy.

  • Select the “Type of Answer” as either your hold or cancellation policy or guest waiver.i.e. Question to ask = I agree to these terms and conditions.i.e. Type of answer = ________

Hold or Cancellation Former Builder Suggestions

  • When building a custom hold or cancellation form for your member, you may want to include:Reason for hold or cancelDate of cancellation or start/end date of holdPolicy with checkbox to agree to terms and conditions of that policy.These areas can be later updated in the edit or view actions dropdown of the form itself.

  • If you want to set up form notifications for your staff, you may also enable a staff email or SMS.These notifications can be set-up by clicking on actions → notifications.

  • You may also want to consider adding form actions that:Add a contact to a custom group.Change a campaign for a contact.These actions can be created by clicking on actions → form actions.

  • If you want to link to your form directly or embed it, you can find those details under actions → instructions.

Example of a Custom Form using the default Hold Policy

Example of Custom Form using the default Cancellation Policy

Example of Custom Opt-in Form using the default Guest Waiver

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