Creating a Custom Group through the broadcast center is an easy way to bulk email, bulk SMS, and filter contacts by their Custom Group. This function can be used to create a custom group or for one-off messaging purposes for a specific list of contacts through the broadcast center.

Give it a try!

  • Navigate to the Broadcast Center.

  • Select the type of broadcast you want to send.

  • Under audience, select ‘By Manual.’

  • Search by file by choosing your file and clicking ‘Find Contact.’

  • If needed, you may continue to add to your audience manually by using the search function field for any one-off additions to your audience.

Here are some things to know about your file upload:

  • Use a .csv file type.

  • Include the appropriate column headers in your file. (i.e., phone and email).

  • File search is done by email or phone number to find matches to contacts in the platform.

  • Phone numbers do not require a 1 before them. (i.e., 15556781000 or 5556781000 will work).

  • If an email or phone matches, we will add that contact to your audience.

To create a custom group:

  • After selecting your audience, you have the option to save it as a custom group.

  • Give your custom group a unique name.

  • Creating a new custom group is not required when selecting your audience by file or manual search. Still, it can help speed up your processes in the future if this is a specific audience you will regularly communicate to through the Broadcast Center.

To reuse a saved custom group:

  • Next time you want to send a broadcast to this saved custom group, you will select ‘By Group.’

  • You can always edit your custom group in your account settings under ‘Segmentation.’

Click ‘View Custom Groups’ to edit your custom groups.

Happy Creating and Communicating!

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