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Verify your UpLaunch subdomain to ensure your Facebook Ads properly redirect to the UpLaunch form and scheduler.

What is a subdomain?

  • Your subdomain directs you to your unique log-in URL for your UpLaunch account.

  • An example is where the subdomain is crossfitflight.

  • Your subdomain is also used in any UpLaunch URLs that direct your contacts to your opt-in forms and scheduler.

Do I need to verify my UpLaunch subdomain on Facebook?

  • If you are not running Facebook ads that direct to an UpLaunch form or scheduler, then you do not need to worry about verifying your UpLaunch subdomain.

  • If you are running Facebook ads and you plan to deliver ads optimized for conversion events that occur from those UpLaunch landing pages using your account’s subdomain, they require you to verify your domain. Read more.

    To verify your domain on Facebook, you will need to make sure you enter your subdomain. For example, if you try to verify you will receive an error. Instead, you must verify your subdomain which will be formatted as If you are unsure of your subdomain, reference the URL where you log-in to the platform. You do not need to include anything after the .com when verification your domain (i.e. do not include /join/123).

    How do I verify my UpLaunch subdomain on Facebook?

  • Navigate to Business Manager → ‘Brand Safety’ → click on ‘Domains.’

  • Enter your UpLaunch subdomain → ‘Add Domain.’

  • If you are adding more than one domain to your Business Manager in Facebook, locate the blue CTA button to ‘Add’ a new domain to your existing domains.

  • Choose ‘Meta-tag Verification’ → Copy the content ID (a string of letters/numbers after content=”copythisID”). NOTE: Only copy the ID between the quotation marks and do not include the quotation marks.

  • Go to your UpLaunch account → Integrations → Facebook → Paste your Content ID from Facebook → Click ‘Save’
    Return to Facebook → Click ‘Verify.'

Your UpLaunch subdomain is now verified and you can successfully run Facebook ads!

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