Good Practice

  • Do set up an email sending domain 👈🏽 (how to walkthrough)

  • Do ask subscribers to add your sending address to their contact list or safe senders list. Email addresses in the safe sender's list bypasses the SmartScreen filter and is delivered to the inbox.

  • Do watch your sending frequency. Send email regularly while being careful not to overwhelm readers. If you send emails at a certain rate and suddenly have a spike of activity, you could get flagged as a compromised sender. Honor the intended frequency of a list. Don’t send daily to a list that was intended to be sent to monthly. When ramping up volume, never send more than double your previous average send.

  • Do keep it simple. The best way to keep from looking like a promotion is to have no more than 1 link and no upsells or RSS Feeds. Keep it short and simple like talking to a friend. The goal is to look more personal and natural like an email to a friend.

Poor Practice

  • Don’t repeatedly send the same or similar content. Every email you send should consist of unique content. Not only will this help keep you stay off of blacklists, but it will also keep your subscribers engaged. The subject line should not appear to be generic nor should the content.

  • Don’t use punctuation (such as exclamation marks), strings of numbers/letters, or words that are often used by spammers. These include free, win, and opportunity. Avoid unknown strings of letter and numbers such as EMOM, AMRAP, 21-15-9, etc.

  • Don’t use too many images. Strive for a healthy balance of images and text to avoid triggering spam filters.

  • Don’t use all caps in your subject line – or any other part of your email. Instead, use bold, italics and underline to show emphasis.

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