Lead generation ads entice people to fill out a lead capture form by promoting a freebie or special offer. The goal is to collect contact information so you can follow up with leads and convince them to become members.

Let's walk through how to set one up.

First things first, log in to your Facebook.com/adsmanager. From there let's get to creating.

  1. Choose your objective (based on our Agency recommendation)

    1. Objective: Traffic

  2. Define your audience (based on our Agency recommendation)

    We have a couple of options here, we recommend you test which strategy delivers the best results for your gym.

    Option 1:

    1. Custom Audience: Use interest-based targeting based on what you offer (i.e. CrossFit, physical fitness, cardio)

    2. Location: 5 - 10 mile radius from your gym. Consider the average commute time of your current members.

    3. Age: Base this on your current customer base and ideal clients.

    Option 2:

    1. Create new > custom audience > website > source "Pixel ID" > all website visitors > last 45 days

  3. Select your placements (based on our Agency recommendation)

    1. Placement: Newsfeed only (the best value for cost per click)

  4. Set your budget

    1. Budget: Daily budget ( The best way to make sure Facebook doesn't overspend)

      We recommend a $500-$1,000 monthly budget. Eek...I know that sounds scary but consider the reoccurring revenue you gain from each individual member you win from a Facebook ad.

  5. Decide your format

    1. Format: This is based on what you have available. If you have a clear video, use it. Video ads perform well for marketing. If not, a single image will work just fine.

  6. Publish

  7. Measure your results🎉

Metrics to look at for a lead generation campaign:

  • Conversions - The number of times your ad achieved an outcome, based on the objective and settings you selected (Case E-Book Conversion)

  • Cost Per Conversions - The average cost of each conversion

  • Landing page views - view is when a person clicks on your ad link and then successfully loads at least some of your ad’s destination URL or Instant Experience

  • On page Conversion rate - Amount of users that are directed to the landing page that signed up for the offer

Lead generation campaigns are focused on the quality of the audience. Quality audiences are users who are more likely to convert and continue to be repeat customers. We tend to focus more on metrics like conversions, cost per conversion, landing page views, and on-page conversion rate for these types of campaigns. These metrics allow for higher quality users to be tracked and for similarities to be compared. The similarities help to refine the campaign’s audience.

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