A Custom Group is a group of contacts that aren't segmented by any UpLaunch-specific criteria. In other words, they're a group of contacts that you want to have in their own group for ANY reason. The benefit of adding contacts to Custom Groups is that you will now be able to Bulk Email, Bulk SMS, and Filter these contacts by their Custom Group.

Examples Of Custom Groups

  • You have a group of contacts who you consider your Brand Ambassadors / VIPs
  • You have a group of contacts who are participating in an internal challenge
  • You have a group of contacts who are in a supplemental service, such as a barbell club.

Video Walkthrough

Creating A Custom Group

Head over to the Account Settings page and scroll down to Segmentation

Then choose Custom Groups

Add a title for the Custom Group you are creating then click "Add Custom Group"

Adding Contacts To A Custom Group

Go to the Contacts page and pick the contact you wish to add to your new Custom Group. Head down to the Recent Activity section and choose Custom Groups.

From the drop down box choose all the Custom Groups that you would like this contact to be part of.

If you ever want to see who is in a particular Custom Group you can either go to the Contacts page and filter by Custom Group and the group you are looking for, or go to the Segmentation page > Custom Groups > click on "View Contacts In Group" of the group you are inquiring about.

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